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Useful information

With this short journey through Istria, we will try to awake your interest and make you visit our region. Last but not the least: keep in mind the following useful travel tidbits:

Make your stay and arrival pleasant
Our first advice is to take a tourist guide (you can find information on our site also) through Istria which will introduce you to the curiosities of our region and help you to choose a final destination of your stay. Finding accommodation in the peak of the touristic season is very difficult, and for this reason you should book your accommodation in time. Begin your journey during the week, avoid traveling in the weekend. Stop for the night, travel only when you are not tired and in the late afternoon when there is not too much traffic and the temperatures are lower. Once you arrived at your destination, you should know that all tourist centers are small towns which are crowded with visitors in the summer. Traffic on the streets, no free parking places – are normal. You can avoid long lines of vehicles by renting a scooter or a bicycle, if you already do not have any. You will feel free and relaxed and, why not, younger too.

Sun and sea brings a lot of fun and pleasure, but some perils as well

– Otherwise you can expect very nasty burns caused by the deleterious effects of the sun and sunstroke, especially if you leave for a tour during mid-day, when the sun is strongest.

– Swimming is a healthy, relaxing and wonderful experience, but do not go too far from the coast as the sea currents in some places are very strong and careless marine vessel drivers will often not notice you in time, which can lead to serious consequences

– A boat or a jet ski ride is a true adrenaline rush, but you must know that is forbidden to bring them closer than 300 off the coast

– The sea is full of fish and is a challenge for any fisherman, but first it is obligatory to obtain a fishing permit for the desired period

– Diving is one of the main attractions in Istria, but for the safety of divers, Croatian law requires a diving license which is issued after the diver shows proofs of a satisfactory medical examination and a valid insurance

Pets – If you plan to visit Istria with your pet, you need to know that the law of the Republic of Croatia dictates that the transfer of live animals across borders is possible only with the necessary veterinary documentation about the health of the animals, while dogs and cats must also be tagged with a microchip.

Before you set off for your holiday to Istria, do not forget to bring the camera or the video camera. Keep a journal, keep record of the stories and legends you will be told.
By doing so you will create your personal guide through Istria, which will make you think of this magic land and will remind you to come back. “Only the angels know how it feels to be in heaven, only the angels in the heaven… and all those who have visited Istria at least once!”