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Olive oil Istria

Olive oil

The liquid gold of the Mediterranean, olive oil, has always been much more than just an ingredient; it is medicinal, magical and an inexhaustible source of enchantment. The olive tree is a symbol of abundance, glory and peace, winners were decorated with its branches, and its oil was served to the most powerful heads. It is a sacred tree and a symbol of peace, fertility, abundance, wisdom and power that has been feeding, nurturing and healing for thousands of years.

About olive trees

The olive was brought to the Mediterranean about 6 000 years ago. This is one of the oldest trees in the world. It is a known fact that the 20 million-year old fossilized remains of an old ancestor of olive trees have been found.  The olive is a very resistant tree; its vital, almost immortal power, resists  strong winters and scorching summers, proudly stretching out its branches toward the sky.

The benefits of olive oil

According to legend, it was chosen by the Creator to nurture and heal all His creatures. The healing properties of olive oil have been known for long time. The daily intake of this ingredient prevents the occurrence of chronic degenerative diseases and is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, with strengthening immunity, preventing cancer; it has a good effect on the gastric mucosa as well as numerous anti-inflammatory properties. Olive oil is also a well-known cosmetic product, which has very beneficial effects on skin, hair and nails, making them vital, shiny and smooth.

Types of olive oil production

Olive oil is obtained by pressing healthy olive fruit. It is divided into 4 quality categories: extra virgin, virgin, olive oil and sansa oil. The well-known extra virgin olive oil (olio di oliva extravergine) is obtained after the first pressing of healthy olive fruit, and its acidity (free fatty acids) does not exceed 0.8 to 0.2 percent.

The oil still has to pass organoleptic testing and must not have any smell that is not characteristic of the oil. Thus, for example, “extra virgin olive oil enriched with rosemary” is not really extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil in Istria

The production of olive oil in Istria has its history written on pages that are a couple thousand years old. Due to the particular soil and climate, the Istrian territory is very suitable for growing olives. Already during antiquity, on its shores there were ancient oil mills, particularly in Brijuni, Barbariga and Porec, and amphorae, which transported the precious liquid, were produced there.

Today, one of the best quality olive oils in the world is produced in Istria. With special techniques and lots of love, Istrian olive oil reaches a perfect taste, smell and color, which has been recognized by top experts around the world.

It occupies one of the most important places in Istrian cuisine, which is perfectly interwoven with fish and shellfish, salads, pasta, meat dishes and marinades and is an integral part of Istrian soup (istarska supa) – warm wine with spices and toasted bread.  You can try the irresistible Istrian cuisine in some of the Istrian taverns, restaurants and farmhouses(agritourism).

Istrian olive oil producers

Those who are responsible for the high quality Istrian olive oil are the olive oil producers. At international olive oil festivals,  where olive oils from nearly 300 countries compete and are presented, Istrian olive oil is quoted as being one of the best in the world. In recent years, special mention has gone to the olive oil of Sandi Chiavalon, of the Buršić family, to the Ipša family, the Balija family and to the family of Antonio Pastrovicchio, due to their pronounced fruitiness and chemical composition which took them to the top of the list of the world’s finest olive oil producers.

Their numerous awards and high recognitions opened the doors to other Istrian olive growers and created the inherent link between Istria and connoisseurs ofolive oil around the world. If you want to taste original Istrian olive oil, visit the Roads of olive oil or find the following olive oil producers: