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The Republic of Croatia is a central European, Adriatic and Mediterranean country and by its shapeit resembles a horse shoe. Its northestern part is a part of Pannonia and the Danube Basin.The western part follows the Hungarian border to Slovenia.

In the southwest, Istria borders Slovenien. Further to the south there are Primorje and Dalmatia stretching all the way to Croatia’s southern-most par where it borders Montenegro. In its northeastern part, Croatia borders Serbia and its eastern border is shared with Bosnia-Herzegovina. Croatia encompasses 56,538 km2 with nearly five million inhabitants.

The capital of the Republic of Croatia is Zagreb. With its million inhabitants counting for one fifth of the Croatian population, it is the economic, business, financial, cultural and political center of Croatia. Under the 1990 Constitution, Croatia is a parliamentary, democratic Republic with a semi-presidential system.
The legislative powers are vested in the Parliament, composed of the Chamber of Countries (županije). Croatia is dividend into smaller administrative units Counties (županije) Districts (kotarevi) and Municioalities (općine).