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Oprtalj is a picturesque little town in the Northwest of Istria that lies on a hill 378 meters above the sea. It was first mentioned in 1115. In the Middle Ages it was a center of the economies belonging to various feudal masters and it belonged to the church.
From the beginning of 19 th century, when it fell under the power of Venice, it was under the rule of France, Austria und Italy respectively. By the new territorial organization of the Republic of Croatia it got a status of municipality in 1993.

More about Oprtalj

Hiking or traveling by bicycle, you will discover incredible landscapes, woods, cliffs, rocks, old houses, mills, secluded homes. Mild climate makes a stay pleasant all the year round.
Village tourism and hunting is already comprised in the tourist offer. Pedestrians’paths and the so called wine roads thet lead you to the best wine producers are marked with sings. There are opportunities for an extended stay also for those who want to enjoy peace, far away from the cities and the noise, in the fresh air and with heatlhy food.
In the colorful canyon of the river Mirna, below the giant, steep, 86 meter high rock, there is a spring of thermal an mineral healing water. Here ist also the well known contemporary health resort Sveti Stjepan-Istraske Toplice (St.Stephen-Istrian Spa) whose sulfurous water, thermal baths and mud baths are used in the healingof rheumatic diseases, neuralgia and endocrine gland system.Ancient tradition in the preparation of typical dishes prepared from the fruits of this land has been preserved until today.

The municipality of Oprtalj covers an area of 70 square kilometers.
With its 1100 inhabitants
 it is one of the most scarcely populated municipalities in the Istrian county. Mlid Mediterranean climate, sunny hill slopes and its high plateau give favorable conditions for growing wine, olives and fruit, as well as for cattle breeding.In the woods there is a wealth of various mushrooms including tartuf (truffle) which is well known both for its exellent taste and as an aphrodisiac. The region is relatively rich with plants and animals and is a very good hunting area.
Troughout the centuries the church has preserved for postrity an invaluable art treasure, the achievement of human hands and mind.In about twenty churches it the region sacral artistic treasure is faithfully preserved and each church is a story, the history and the life of the region and its people.
Oprtalj, the Parish church of Sveti juraj (St. George) from 1517. Its church tower from 16 th century was finished in 1740. Zrenj, the Parich church of Sveti Juraj (St, George) extended in 1582 according to a glagolitic inscription found in 1835. Zrenj is mentioned as a posible birth place of Sveti Jeronim (St. Jerome, 345-420). Čopić, the church Blažene Djevice Marije od Snijega ( Blassed Virgin Mary of the Snow) with three aisles, from 1492.