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Ika and Icici

Ika and Icici

Ika and Ičići are located on the gentle slopes at the green bottom of the mountain Učka and at the end of the blue Kvarner Bay. Ika, formerly known as the old village of fishermen and then as a fashionable seaside resort, now is the perfect blend of ancient charm and comfort. This little place, with its old Austro-Hungarian villas – aristocratic guardians of the spirit, also holds the sparks of youth in the form of local students attending Ika’s Faculty of tourism and hotel management. It is a perfect combination of the old and new, vividly depicting the symbiosis of wealth of the past with a slight fresh breath of new life.

More about Ika and Icici

Ičići, as a twin of Ika, share with it the rich heritage and touching beauty. The former picturesque harbor, from which once local products like wine, oil, chestnuts, wood and coal were sent to other countries, today is the destination of modern marine nomads who find their quiet harbor here and a place to stay before departing again. Like Ika, Ičići has beautiful examples of art nouveau villas created by famous architects for the nobility of that period. Besides the beautiful architecture, the villages offer great food and sports activities, such as swimmingdivingwater skiingfishingparasailing and then there is the national park Učka which can be discovered through mountaineeringcycling – MTB and walking through its woods.

The gastronomy of the region is known for its original dishes prepared by local recipes, especially the delicacies made from chestnuts and cherries. Ika and Ičići represent a truly unique destination, which today, as it did in the past, wears the colors of touristic excellence.

The whole area of former Liburnia was inhabited in prehistoric times. The tribe of the Liburnians, skilled navigators, ruled until the arrival of the Romans in the 1st century BC when they were subdued and annexed to the Roman Empire. After its fall in the 5th century, Ostrogoths arrived and in the 6th century the territory fell under the rule of Byzantine. Slavs came in the 7th century and annexed the territory to the province of Dalmatia that extended to the mouth of the river Neretva. The 8th century is the time of arrival of Franks and their government. In the 12th century, the territory fell under the control of Aquileia. The 14th century for the local residents was the period of the rule of the family Habsburg.
The port in Ičići has long been a central point of the maritime trade of local goods. A lot of vessels with valuable cargo of wood, lime, coal, oil, wine, chestnuts and other goods left this port. The territory remained under the rule of Austria until the end of 1918. In the late 19th century, with the appearance of the phenomenon of tourism, the territory gained back its importance. During that period, elegant villas, sanatoriums and resorts were built and were perfectly connected with a tramline. The First World War brought the occupation of the Kingdom of Italy and its soldiers. After the fall of Italy in 1943, a new occupation followed, this time by Germany. That was another difficult period that lasted until 1945 when the territory was liberated and annexed to former Yugoslavia. Tourism was restored again after the liberation and started to develop further. After the fall of Yugoslavia in 1991, Ika and Ičići became an integral part of Croatia.

Old Art Nouveau villas – Ika and Ičići have beautiful examples of Art Nouveau architecture, fashionable villas and summer residences of the former Austro-Hungary nobility, many of which are still perfectly preserved, and represent a well-known touristic attraction. A special example is villa Münz located in Ičići built in 1903 by Jakob Ludwig Münz, also known for the building of the Grand Hotel in Pula.
Natural Park Učka – its green slopes with rocky areas and rich world of flora and fauna makes it a must visit place
Sports activities – a unique geographic location of this territory offers visitors a lot of sports opportunities, combining all the joys of refreshing water sports with those of mountain type.
Ičići, the beach – the great beach is located in the center and it is divided into two parts. It is known for its clean sea and a variety of sports activities.
Restaurants and taverns – the territory is known for its original dishes made of chestnuts, which are combined with meat dishes and of unique chestnut desserts


Campanestre Festival – a traditional folk festival with  rich entertainment and sports program

Fisherman’s Festival – local festival with rich offer of fish dishes and entertainment -06.08.
Liganj, Rokova – folk festival and traditional games with rich gastronomic offer and entertainment, 14.08. 

Dobrećanska noć – a traditional folk festival 06.09.
Liganj, Marunada – folk festival with a rich gastronomic offer –dishes with chestnuts 30.10.-31.10.